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Balloon Shows

As you can see below Xtreme Balloons offers many forms of entertainment ideal for adult functions with Master Balloon Artist Mark Verge as well as family events with Jungle Jack.

Listed below are different aspects of entertainment that can be combined with one another. A common combination for adult functions is to have large balloon sculptures built prior to the party and placed on display as decoration and then have the balloon artist entertain at the event. For family events you could have Jungle Jack perform his stage shows and also perform strolling entertainment between shows.

Corporate Functions

Looking for something new, that wow factor for your next corporate function? Balloons are a fun and colourful addition to any adult event. Have Mark Verge dressed in formal attire wandering among your guests building beautiful wrist sculptures for the ladies and creating amazing  balloon costumes or cartoon characters for the men. Balloons have that ability to put a smile on your face and bring out the child in every adult. Your colleges will be asking you where did you find him?

Photo Opportunity Entertainment

Would like to add unique concept, something your guests have never experienced.

Have on display an amazing example of balloon art by having a full-size motorcycle at your corporate event. Built within the motorcycle is a stool to allow your guests to interact with the sculpture by sitting on it and posing for a picture, try to do that with an ice sculpture!

Also offered in the package is 8 x 10 colour photo for each guest that had a turn sitting on the motorcycle. This is a great give away that your guests can take home and want to keep to remember the great time they had at your event.

Supplied for photo shoot is Photographer, professional 40D digital SLR camera, Lighting equipment, and multiple printers.

Guessing Game Show

The Guessing Game Show is by far the most efficient in entertaining large crowds as well as being the most interactive with the audience, with a combination of art, entertainment, game and prizes what more could you want! In the past 12 years 90% of the shows booked for corporate parties, family events, and fairs, is in this form.

The concept of the show is to guess what the balloon artist is creating from his vocabulary of hundreds of creations. The first person in the audience to guess it correctly, wins the balloon sculpture. The great thing about this show is anyone can play from children to grandparents, anyone can be a winner!

Stage Shows

This is a 20 minute high energy show using balloons and showing the fun things that can be done with them.

During the show you will see Mark a.k.a. Jungle Jack climb head first inside a large 6-foot balloon, the kids will scream with excitement as he bounces inside it toward them.

You will also see him make an unbreakable balloon ball offering $20 to anyone that can break it with there bare hands. Next he will make a balloon bazooka and shoot the unbreakable ball over the crowd.

He will inflate a 3-foot balloon that would make any child jealous as he slings it 20 feet over the audience in every direction, occasionally bouncing it off a few heads in the process.

Children and adults will be brought up on stage to be dressed in balloon costumes such as a Viking, Scuba Diver or even a Dragon.

On stage he will create a 5-foot Daffy Duck and give it to a lucky winner, all this and much more.

Balloon Sculpturing Displays

Ideally this style of show is great for malls, fairs, trade shows and very impressive decoration for family events as well as company parties.

Any theme can be created with balloons, here is some examples of themes that would be a great hit, such as: life-size dinosaur displays, auto show, jungle, farm, circus, pirate and fashion show with mannequins or models walking the runway. Mark’s dresses are incredibly beautiful and have been on display as far away as Hong Kong!

Dinosaur Show

Fashion Show

Dresses 3 copy03

Auto Show

Birthday Parties


Jungle Jack entertains at birthday parties for 60 minutes and it is broken up into 3 sections as listed.

His show starts off with a 20-minute magic show, geared for kids from 3-9 years of age, it is very fun and interactive.

Then he switches to the guessing game with balloons where the kids guess what he is creating with balloons, with the idea that if they guess it, they get it. This is where every child gets a balloon to take home. He finds this format more entertaining then waiting in a lineup

To finish off the show, Jungle Jack sculpts a large creation for the birthday child, something that takes 10 to 15 minutes to create, boys seem to like the 5-foot Daffy Duck, and girls love the 4-foot mermaid, but their is many other things that can be created as well.

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