treme  Balloons


My name is Mark Verge and I was born and raised in Nova Scotia.  I started twisting balloons back in 1995. Shortly after I developed the Jungle Jack character and considering at that time most of my balloon creations were balloon animals it made a good fit and the children seem to like it, so it is staying.

I often get asked what is my favorite balloon to make? It is not one particular sculpture or animal, it is the large life-size creations that put a smile on my face. If I had to pick my favorite sculpture that I have ever made it would have to be the T-rex skeleton. It was 39-feet long and it gave me 1st Place in the World Competition in 2007 and it consisted of over 1400 balloons and is the same size as an average T-rex. In another part of this web site you will see balloon costumes that I have made for competitions as well, they were the most fun to play with.

My other hobbies that I enjoy is photography and traveling.

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