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Yes, they really do hold World Balloon Sculpting Competitions, many of them in various parts of the United States and other countries as well. They are attended by hundreds of balloon artists from all over the world from places such as Japan, Israel, France and Great Britain to name a few. At these competitions astonishingly Mark has received four 1st place awards and four 2nd place awards.

In addition to these awards Mark has received Two Top Twister awards and a Diamond Artist award, but his favorite award is not from any competition, it is the Dewy Balloon Excellence Award - (Career Contributor) it is given to people who have made significant career contribution to the art of balloon twisting by their abilities, innovations and quality of character.

T-Rex 2_302

1st Place    2007

This T-rex skeleton consisted of 1400 balloons, took 55 hours to create and was 39-feet in length, the same size as an average T-rex that walked the earth 65 million years ago.

2nd Place    2007

This Triceratops skeleton consisted of 700 balloons, 35 hours to create and was 25 feet in Length.

2nd Place    2005

The Night on Horse is by far his favorite costume that he has created. Those shoes you see in the bottom are not his feet but are size 13 shoe on the end of a pair of stilts. This was done to give him the height needed to look as if he was riding the horse.

2nd Place    2004

This Ninja Turtle costume is a very complex costume made up of 6 parts and sized to fit over Mark’s body to animate the character.


1st Place      2002

The Raptor costume was a great deal of fun to wear as during the competition he would pose with attendees for photos.

2nd Place    2000

This was Mark’s very first time weaving  and building a costume, after this he was hooked. The creations you can make weaving are endless. He decided on creating a Knight as the competition was held in Belgium and during his stay he seen many castles and thought it would be a good theme.

1st Place    2000

At the time this was one of the largest sculptures that many balloon artists have ever seen. Apologies as there wasn’t many pictures of this sculpture available.

1st Place    2000

You may recognize this cartoon character. This was in the small category but still consisted of over 20 balloons obtaining lots of detail in such a small sculpture.

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